If we can be sure of something today, it is only that there is nothing certain. The modern world is an endless sequence of changes, taking place against the laws and rules that were in force until recently. Childhood, education, work (usually one), retirement are the rhythm of life of our parents (and certainly grandparents), which no longer applies today. Our clock is beating fast and change is chasing change. For contemporary education, this modern, chaotic world is a great challenge.

How to teach, being aware that today’s young people will have to change not so much their job as their profession several times over the course of their lives, and moreover, one that may not exist today?

How to teach with the awareness that what we are saying maybe is no longer relevant at this moment?

Foundation for the Development of Education  Spatia was established by people for whom education is not only a profession but also a mission and a passion. After many years of experience in creating academic didactics and implementing multidirectional projects in formal and informal education, we take up the challenge of creating new qualities in modern schools.

Because it is best to make a change.

Spatia Teacher Academy                                            Creating Spaces for Creativity


Tomasz Sobisz
President of the Board
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Marta Margiel
vice-President of the Board
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Katarzyna Sujkowska-Sobisz
Member of the Board
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Beata Duda
Member of the Board
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Katarzyna Baca
Member of the Board

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