Katarzyna Sujkowska-Sobisz

Member of the Board

Linguist, doctor of humanities, professor at the University of Silesia, whose interests are mainly related to various manifestations of social communication, both in the “analog” and digital version. She runs, among others lectures and seminars in the field of linguistic text analysis, Polish culture, language of promotion, pragmatic linguistics, analysis of the persuasive text and contemporary Polish language. She has conducted numerous lectures and seminars abroad, including the universities of Berlin, Bochum, Bratislava, Presov, Banska Bystrica, Belgrade, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Turin, Chicago and Vilnius.

Her experience includes organizing international scientific conferences and coordinating national and international educational projects, including:

  • “Project career …” implemented under the POWER  program (National Centre of Reasearch and Development);
  • “Humanities University” implemented under the POWER program (National Centre of Reasearch and Development);
  • “Between interaction and innovation – creating communication space in the digital Word” implemented as part of the Higher Education program. Strategic partnerships (ERASMUS PLUS).

President of the Board of the AGERE AUDE Knowledge and Social Dialogue Foundation. Charismatic leader and committed social activist. She also passes on her passion for creating changes to students of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Silesia.