Katarzyna Baca

Member of the Board

Master of Arts (MA) in English Philology  with 20 years of experience as an EFL teacher across various education levels.

Adept at training and educational leadership, with expertise in project evaluation, quality control, and project implementation funded by EU sources. Extensive background in international cooperation, navigating multilingual and multicultural settings. Proven experience in crafting educational materials and implementing innovative methodologies rooted in neuroscience, neuro-didactics, Building Learning Power, Storytelling, and Project-Based Learning. Authored publications such as “How to learn creatively?” and “How to teach creatively?” and conducted eTwinning seminars on Personal Learning and Thinking Skills development.

Initiator and leader of Professional Learning Communities in her teaching schools. Currently serving as an English teacher and Erasmus+ coordinator at IX LO im. W. Szymborskiej w Sosnowcu.

Recognized by the European Commission with eTwinning Quality Labels, Good Practice Labels, and the prestigious European Innovative Teaching Award (EITA 2023 – Education Innovation).