Marta Margiel

vice-President of the Board

Propagator of the idea of ​​learning by doing and experiencing in the formal and non-formal education sector. A supporter of outdoor and adventure education.

Initiator, author and coordinator of many educational projects, including:

  • “Practice makes perfect. Student apprenticeships in the face of legal, social and economic changes”, the project in a foreign partnership, EEA funds, Education Program
  • “First Steps in Science. Program supporting outstandingly talented student”s, Ministry of National Education
  • “Leading to Learn Together. LELETO ”, project in a foreign partnership, School education sector. Strategic partnerships, Erasmus + Program
  • “From an Algorithm to a Professional”, Ministry of Digital Affairs
  • “New quality of education – internal security. NOJAK ”, EEA funds
  • “Integrated teaching of science with a computational perspective. isce4school ”- School education sector. Strategic partnerships, Erasmus + Program
  • “Mathematics from the kitchen” (ORLEN Foundation)
  • “Culinary Travels” (Local Initiatives Fund)
  • “Subcarpathian ceramics and handicraft workshops” (National Center for Culture)

Evaluator of didactic and social projects. She is very active in the non-governmental sector. Member of the Management Board of the AGERE AUDE Knowledge and Social Dialogue Foundation. Political scientist and  doctor of humanities in literature. She conducts classes in fundraising and project management with students of the Faculty of Humanities and University of Silesia College of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies