Beata Duda

Member of the Board

explores the secrets of using the latest digital tools in formal and non-formal education – constantly looks for inspiration, follows trends and checks them in practice. At the center of her interests is to educate conscious young people who will be able to creatively use the potential of modern technologies. Social activist, educator, coordinator and implementer of social and cultural projects in which digital tools played an important role, including:

  • “Between interaction and innovation – creating communication space in the digital world” – a project facilitating communication between digital natives and digital people;
  • “Kindergarten with a legend” – a series of educational creative workshops for children;
  • “More than a painting – feel painting with all your senses” – polysensory and multimedia lessons in Polish painting;
  • “Academy of Leaders of Dialogue of the AGERE AUDE Foundation”
  • “Participation in democracy” – activities aimed at involving young citizens in pro-social activities;
  • “Bravo Polish” – a series of films promoting the correct Polish language;
  • “Choose culture – you are not yourself with hate” – an educational project aimed at youth from secondary schools;
  • “Integrated Development Program of the University of Silesia in Katowice”;
  • “Career project – development of competences of students in the field of promotional and crisis communication”.

Member of the Board of the Foundation for Knowledge and Social Dialogue AGERE AUDE and the Association of Friends of the Polish Language Institute; cooperates on an ongoing basis with the CLARIN_PL consortium and with representatives of the IT industry.

She studies the communication space with the use of digital tools for language analysis. She conducts classes with students in the field of Promotion and Crisis Communication and a new field of study – Digital Communication at the University of Silesia.